The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or more commonly known as HIPAA, was proceeded by the congress in order to reform the insurance market and simplify the healthcare industry. With the primary goal of making sure that patients get treated fairly and more comfortably , HIPAA mandates standardized, electronic transmission of administrative financial transactions. Maintaining compliance with HIPAA is important due to the importance of patient privacy and security and other information. we maintain patient privacy and security Because of our strong beliefs in the implementation of HIPAA’s guidelines, Our company is very committed to making sure that we follow any and all rules regarding your patients privacy. Everything that we do is cross referenced with all HIPAA regulations and guidelines. .

As a medical practitioner, you know the importance of patient security and privacy, but you may not have the time or resources to properly do so. That’s where our medical billing services come in. A staff filled with trained HIPAA employees, where we will secure data files by encrypting and storming them on our extremely secure servers. This method of encryption ensures that absolutely no unwanted eyes will see any of your patient’s information. Furthermore, it provides data integrity that prevents any malicious attempts to manipulate the data. Along with this, we provide a number of other HIPAA compliance services that will ensure that your medical office is guaranteed to comply with the HIPAA guidelines, and that your patients’ information is safely secured.